Thursday, November 16, 2006

At last! An antivirus with daily automatic peace of mind

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  "According to a Webroot and Earthlink report: 9 in 10 computers have spyware installed"
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In addition to viruses, there is now another threat that is spreading like wildfire: spyware.
Check, at a click, if your computers are infected with spyware. From the Internet, completely FREE and as often as you want!

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Forget about spyware ad other
Internet threats, thanks to the
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new Panda BusinesSecure 2006 with TruPrevent™ Technologies.

Why is spyware a danger to you and your company? Because it is a set of programs that install themselves of computers, without users' permission, to monitor and log their Internet activity. The aim of the creators of spyware is financial gain, either directly using the information obtained or by selling it on.

As well as being annoying, spyware has many negative effects that range from degrading performance of computers, increasing the amount of junk mail received and increased system errors, crashes and constant restarting of computers, to loss of confidential information.

In spite of this variety of actions, the result is always the same: constant loss of productivity and extremely high costs (in support costs alone, Dell estimated that $2.5 million of annual losses can be directly attributed to this threat).


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Panda BusinesSecure 2006 with TruPrevent™ Technologies.

Get maximum protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and other Internet threats. What's more, thanks to the exclusive TruPrevent™ Technologies, it prevents unknown attacks or those created to target your business.
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